Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring greens

Quite a few of last autumn's experiments are working out quite well for supplying Spring salads. Lots of Corn salad overwintered well in planters. Also late planted beets are pushing out some new tasty growth at the moment. Mizuna - only have a few plants, but they are producing, and are tender. Wild garlic - contained in a pot- is doing well - I'd be tempted to have a few more plants, but then again, it does take over.

The Kale is still cropping, though about to go to seed. Purple sprouting broccoli very tasty. The rocket that came from Dublin is contained and producing - wish I could successfully save some seed from it, but hoping for seedling from Joe's neglected plot - that sems to be the secret of it's success.

100 g rocket for sale today in Tesco for 2.99 - hard to believe from a weed...


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