Thursday, July 19, 2007

We have a frog!

So, it's been a really dreadful summer so far for any kind of gardener.

But, I have finally found the upside of the bad weather. Last week, while strimming the edges between showers, I saw a fairly sizeable frog. And we have sighted it again on numberous occasions, living in the 'wilderness' beside the oil tank.

Last winter, we planted willow around the tank, which we hoped would eventially camoflage it. So between that and the futon which is gently decomposing there, it's impossible to maintain, and now we have a very good reason to keep it as wild as possible. If the weather improves , we'll have to dig a pond of course, but for now, there's no danger of froggy drying out. And we had been intending to dig a pond anyhow...

The decomposing futon is home to a myriad of worms and sligs, so he's thriving on the good diet too....


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