Saturday, November 11, 2006

Apples: other uses

You can store the apples in a cool dry place – you can wrap them individually in newspaper, or ask at your local veg shop for those nice shapped separators that commercial apples are shipped in. The important part with storage is thaqt the apples be perfect, and not touch . You’ve heard the old saying, it only takes one bad apple to ruin the bunch.

One of the best uses of Apples which I have yet to try is juicing. I know that seed savers have a day when you can bring you apples to be juiced – I’ll find out a bit more about this and post separately. Also Cider is a possibility – might get a chance to try this next year if I can find someone to donate apples.

For your not so perfect apples – feed the birds! You can thread some string through an apple ort 5, and hang them from branches of a tree – or your hanging basket bracket, and watch your feathered friends enjoy.

And if you still habe some left after all these suggestions, there’s always the compost heap. They will rot well, and provide great nutrients for your garden next year….


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