Thursday, January 04, 2007

Long time no Blog!

Hi - we've been a bit quiet here for the last few weeks, but we're still here. Unfortunately we can't say the same for some of our fences - the wild winter weather has taken it's toll and we've lost a few panels - and our side-gate! The garden itself is quite swampy, too; the soil here is quite a bit heavier than our last garden, and holds water a lot longer. Our much-lauded lidl cloche has survived the winds, although it is somewhat the worse for wear. Ah well, all part of the great lifelong experiment that is gardening! And on the plus side, we didn't lose any plants, and the mild temperatures mean we're still able to harvest fresh salad ingredients.

And speaking of Lidl, keep watching their website ( for their gardening specials - if they follow previous form they should be coming up in the next month or so.

Anyway, we're still plugging away and we're currently awaiting delivery of our new fruit trees from seedsavers (, which should be arriving any day now. We've ordered two Apple varieties and a self-pollinating Pear.

Thanks for checking in with us and we'll be posting again soon.


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