Monday, February 25, 2008

First Spring Sowing

While my students in METNS are ahead of the curve, I'm only getting my first plantings in today.

The students already have germinated tomatoes, wheat, chamomile and a kind of furry grass. There's echinicea on the way, hope it works out too. The only problem is where to put them now that they need light - the classrooms are not great - so hopefully the Lidl small greenhouse will work.

Today for my home garden, I planted lettuce, wild rocket, beet, spinach. Also planted wildflowers, teasel (still have hopes for the front lawn becoming a wild flower meadow) and hollyhock.

I have a chip ready for some peas (Sugar Ann), but I'm saving that for little hands, could probably soak them first.

My seeds are in seed trays, and vegetable chips on a metal bakers shelf in front of an east facing glass door. It will be exciting for all of us to check for germination and growth first thing in the morning.


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