Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Broccoli Update

Calabrese that was planted early has produced well and been harvested - some in late June, some July. The purple sprouting Broc. didn't do so well - went to seed, I think. We have later sowings of broc and cabbage that got planted out last week.

I was trying for a minimal dig method, having read all about beneficial worms in the book 'The earth moved' by Amy Stewart. I had the beds covered in black plastic for a long time so the weeds and grass were all gone. So I just made a hole, and put the plants in. This resulted in a fairly low lying bed, so the plants got a bit waterlogged in the downpours, but they seem to be mostly surviving. I have 6 each of the broc, and about 15 cabbages - if even half survive, we'll have plenty.

Also rescued some leeks from languishing in pots, made big holes, put the leeks in and then filled them with water. about 10 leeks - it will be interesting to see how they fare. They possibly should have been planted out earlier.


At 4:16 p.m., Blogger Josie said...

Hello Anne,

I've visited your blog and think it's just brilliant! It's a simple and effective way of informing, educating and bringing people together.

I was hoping to get in touch with you directly.

I work in a ngo for sustainable development and I've entered you on our website as provider offering information on urban gardening.

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Thanks and Great work with the blog!!


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