Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lazy potatoes - and less lawn

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In the interests of reducing the lawn, we decided to plant quite a lot of potatoes. However, I didn't want to dig - for any number of reasons, so I have cobbled together a combination of some techniques that I found in the net.

First I covered the are in question with Cardboard. Covered that with some (fairly fresh) manure. Rotted would be better, but didn't have any. Covered that with black plastic previously used to cover silage. Used some stones and boards to hold down the plastic. It's not particularly pretty.

In a week or so, when the black plastic has done a good job of warming things up. I'll cut some small holes in the plastic, clear away the manure, and put in a chitted potato and some clay. All going well, the potatoes will grow well under the plastic, and will also do a good job of preparing the area for further planting. And when the potatoes start to grow it won't look so ugly :-)


At 9:49 p.m., OpenID thelocalproject said...

Martin's spud grown to your 'no dig' lazy method are looking super - and best of all, no weeds. Much admired and my mum saw them on skype. She's got your blog listed on her website, - she loves gardening ideas and was really impressed with your lazy potatoes.


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