Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Poly tunnel

Late last year I had a big birthday. And rather than throw a party, I decided to gift myself a poly tunnel (hoop house to the yanks).

It went up In November. That's a 'bath chair' you can see in the foreground.

I had hoped to prepare all the beds over Christmas, but managed to pull a muscle in my shoulder, so I got only 20% of the way there. We are laying down weed control over the entire surface, so we need to dig up the existing raised beds, move the clay in them out of the way, lay the weed control, rebuild beds and move the dirt back.

I need to get some organic manure from the best pig farmer in the midlands, to get off to a good start on fertility. We have a few compost bins to empty also.

Spring comes early in under plastic, there's no time to waste!

You can see some really healthy Daikon at the front right of this photo - it was planted outside in August or so, and the tunnel built over it. It's doing very well. 


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