Monday, May 10, 2010

Bloom 2010

Now that First Communion is over, I can start looking forward to some fun events. I'll be speaking at the next GIY event in Belevedere - May 20th - I'll be showing how to grow upside down tomatoes.

Then we have the June Bank holiday to look forward to, and 5 days of gardening at Bloom. I found the show very inspirational last year - especially the school garden. See photos above. The weather was fabulous too, which always helps - with 5 days to choose from, there are bound to be a few good ones.

Something else that I love about Bloom - there will be lots of food producers showing their wares - I didn't have a lot of time last year to sample, but a quick trip through the Artisan Food market had me licking my lips.

There was lots of kids to do last year - this year looks to be even better. Maybe I'll have to spend a day there on my own, and another day with the kids :-) Looking forward to getting even more ideas for my Summer camp there.

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