Saturday, April 17, 2010

Empty Skies, empty shelves

Lot of people in the blogosphere/net from the UK posting about empty shelves in the supermarkets because airfreighted food is not arriving.

Hedgewizard - Empty Skies, empty shelves

Telegraph - food rotting in Kenya

Green Review

Maenwhile, I have spent a good day at Belvedere at the Self Sufficiency Show - where there's no evidence of any food shortages, as we're eating locally. Organic beef, milk, cheese, bread, all produced within a 10 mile radius is on offer. Local and delicious. Lots of interesting plants and seeds so that you can grow your own vegetables also.

Show on again tomorrow - get yourselves out there and hedge your bets in case this volcano stuff goes on for longer...

Title courtesy of Hedgewizard - I'm to tired to think of anthing else - thank you!

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