Saturday, May 01, 2010

Slugs back

I ran out of inside space for my tomatoes, so moved them to a Lidl Tent greenhouse a few weeks ago. A few of them got burned by the frost, and not the slugs are back in action - in spite of copious amount of vaseline on pots. The sooner I can get the tomatoes upside down the better. But ti's still a bit cold.

An interesting article here at Irish Gardeners.

Also, we burned some slugs in our wood file, and hope to mix the ash with some rainwater - as a biodynamic deterrent - but I haven't found a recipe, and suspect that I would need to stir for an hour, so not sure if I have the patience for that. Not to mention it's probably the wrong time of the month.

Another solution I saw was to boil garlic and chillies, and spray with the water from that - worth a try - it would sure be wonderful to find something that works.

In the meantime the hooch from my sourdough starter is outside in bowls, and some slugs are meeting a happy end there...

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