Friday, March 19, 2010

Expanding horizon

While my current garden in Mullingar is way bigger than what I had in Dublin, and there's still lots of room for slides, a willow house, and a wild corner, I struggled with producing enough veg to feed us, and always had too many seedlings to put in the existing space.

This year, that's all changed. I have an allotment on Joe's farm - and I now have the opposite (and excellent) problem - how to fill it! The morning of Paddy's day was our first extended stint out there - luckily Granny was on hand to feed us, and the weather was dry and mild.

We started digging one of the beds - we will sow a green manure there in advance of planting Squash, and the rest we'll cover with a sheet mulch of cardboard, mushroom compost and straw.

The undergardener was on digging duty - he reckons he'll be like the Bull McCabe when we're done - and the boys were picking rocks, spreading Mushroom compost, and breaking up lumps of clay. And adding nitrogen to the beautiful compost bin which resides at the bottom of the allotment. Photos to follow, and no doubt several posts on the compost bin.

In the meantime, it's time to rest up for a weekend of allotmenteering....

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At 10:23 p.m., Blogger Peggy said...

Good luck with the allotment,it is a great place for the kids to dig and learn.We only have first and second earlies and onions planted, the garlic is in since last Oct.It is still too wet and cold down here but the bedroom windowsills are filling up and I also have a plastic greenhouse in service.
I am not going to be too hasty planting out for another couple of weeks at least.

At 10:44 p.m., Blogger Anna Bee said...

Thanks Peggy - and congratulations on being in the finals of the Irish Blog awards - well deserved!

I put a few flowers which survived the winter in pots in yesterday, but yes, it's still a bit cold to chance putting too much in. Got a little tent greenhouse erected at the home plot this weekend - it will be a good place to harden stuff off.


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