Sunday, February 28, 2010

Good Deals in Lidl next Thursday

Some good value garden equipment in Lidl next Thursday.

The tent greenhouse in particular is a favourite. Expect that after a year, the metal poles may succumb to the midland winds, but you can alway build a permanent frame on your raised bed (see below) on which to drape the longer lasting cover. Last year I used one of these greenhouses to protect my tomatoes and squash plants until the danger of frost was past, having run out of space and sunny windowsills indoors. If you haven't yet built your raised beds, it's a good idea to build them so that one of these tents fits over them. I just got lucky :-)

Be warned, however, the handles on the garden bucket snap off when you are carrying a heavy load, so it may be worth paying a little more if you want a good trug.

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At 10:18 p.m., Anonymous Diego said...

Hello! I have one of the tent greenhouses from Lidl, and wind already decided to wipe it out (it was anchored quite well, but we have such a f@%$ing gale here). I was planning to rebuild the structure in wood, and I noticed you already did. By any chance, do you have the measurements? I know I'm cheeky, but it would save me some work. ;)
In exchange, I can bring you some 100% Italian tiramisu the first time I come to Mullingar. ;)
Thanks in advance.

At 6:41 p.m., Blogger Anna Bee said...

Hi Diego -

The measurements as Lidl gives them are 180 x 140 x 94cm. I made mine a little too big, but I can measure it for you. It would make a good blog post, I'd say. We have that kind of wind here too - the greenhouse seems to stick better to the wood.

Looking forward to that tiramisu!


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