Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Onions planted, and general allium comments

Planted overwintering onion sets about 4 weeks ago now, and they are sending up some little shoots, which look encouraging. Two kinds- red ones- called Electric, and yellow Senshyu. I'm hoping that the problems of them going to seed will not happen with the overwintering ones. Anyhow, it will be good to have some in the late spring.

Every says that onions are cheap to buy, easily available, and so you should grow something else, but we use loads of them, and it's good to be able to go outside and pick them when you need them.

Yesterday, we had oven roast potatoes (cut into 1cm dice), with leeks (cooked with the potatoes) and some scallions and chives added just before serving. They were delicious - I thought that I had made way too many, but they were all scoffed. The leeks and chives were from the garden - the leeks are doing very well, even though I planted loads more this year, I think that I will have even more next year :-) They are easy to grow, and seem to be pest resistant. (Fingers crossed)

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