Monday, August 04, 2008

The Giant Potato plant

As I mentioned before, I gave the boys a bed to plant some things in. They each planted a potato which had sprouted in the kitchen (not a special seed potato). Initially Dara's was doing well, but the slugs got it, and then it started to turn yellow, so we dug it up and ate the spuds.

Leo's - after a slow start - really took off, and now it's a good size (see above - as big as he is) - and still no flowers - so we're in no hurry to harvest it. We think it's down to a combination of chicken manure, worm castings and worm tea - and maybe Leo's green fingers. Growing beside it is a very healthy yelly ildi cheery tomato - which promises to have a great crop also.
Everyone who visits gets a tour of the garden (conducted by Dara and Leo), featuring these magnificent specimens!

Here's what this plot looked like before (from above)

And here's what it looks like now (Giant spud plant from above)
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