Wednesday, July 30, 2008

High summer

This is how the garden looks mid July. Lots of colour from the runner beans, and the sunflowers - which are providing support for the borlotti beans - who are providing nitrogen for the squash at the bottom. It seems to be working great. You can see leeks, carrots in the chimney pipes, calendula, nasturtiums, potatoes, carrots, corn, mizuna.
In the foreground is an apple tree - in a pot - this one belongs to the school, and will hopefully be planted this winter.

There are paths between the beds, but what is in the beds is very close together. I have been trying square foot gardening - a bit, not all the palntings are in a perfect square - but the density is keeping the weeds suppressed, and because we have lots of manure and compost in the beds, fertility isn't a problem. Also, regular watering with Worm tea seems to help.

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