Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Worm castings

Today I picked up a worm bin from a generous freecycler. It's for the school, but since end of term is nigh, I'll be minding it till September. She gave it to me full - but not of partly rotting food - but full of the most beautiful worm castings I had ever seen. More than generous - though I think she thoght I was a bit strange when I kept saying how beautiful it was...

I have seen what they are supposed to look like in books, but between being careless about what goes in, and too impatient to wait, I had never seen a full tray of the beautiful brown stuff that worms will make if they are let get on with it. Leo and I had a great time spreading bits of it near al the hungry plants - making sure most of the worms were out of it first. Now that I have seen what they can do, I'm going to have to try to let them do it more often.


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