Tuesday, August 04, 2009

August Harvesting

Just to note what is doing well in the garden at the minute, and what we are enjoying at the table.

Potatoes: Lots dug, and waiting to be used, lots more still in pots.
Courgettes: Producing steadily, but not in glut amounts. The round ones are especially good.
Squash - a few uchiki kuri, a crookneck, Anna Hubbard.
Runner beans: Keeping on top of them so far.
Dwarf French: Sharing with the slugs
Lettuce: Bitter and running to seed
Beetroot: Lovely and big - leaves yummy, roots mostly going into chocolate brownies
Onions: mostly harvested, eating lots
Shallotts: I have 1kg in a string bag for storage - don't think they will last too long, though.
Tomatoes:Lots of green ones - just a few ripening.
White turnips - pulled some today for my mother - await her verdict. I fancy them pickled....
Artichokes are still producing a bit, but the novelty has worn off. We are letting a few flower for the beautiful colour, and maybe the seeds will be viable.

Blueberries ripeing, and a few raspberies.

A little sunshine would go a long way...I suspect I might have a glut of something then...

My strategy on the onions and shallotts is to eat away at them,and have leeks and bunching onions for when they are all gone.

I'm trying not to buy any fruit or veg - so that part of the fridge is strangely empty. I think I'll have to crack and buy some carrots - they are miserable this year.

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At 1:00 p.m., Blogger Cliff W said...

Fantastic! As you said, our graduation from the course would be when we were able to harvest and cook our own.

Last evening, we had a roast with home-grown early spuds, roasted shallots (gorgeous!), peas (needed a lot longer but very tasty).

Fresh plums as they were about to fall off the tree for dessert!

Onions and shallots are looking well, as are the tomatoes in the new tunnel. I think the main crop of spuds have got blight (so much for blight resistant although a friend said that it's a new strain this year??).

Bees seem to be doing well - check out www.beginningbeekeeping.blogspot.com] - although I doubt I'll take any honey this year unless we have a spectular Indian summer!

At 11:39 p.m., Blogger Anna Bee said...

Congratulations! Sounds delicious!


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