Wednesday, July 15, 2009

On the Telly - again :-)

This time just the blog featured, on TV3 am this morning. Here's the link if you'd like to see it.

And welcome to anyone here as a result of the TV3 plug!



At 8:22 p.m., Anonymous Mrs Walton said...

Hi Anna,
I've been taking a look at your blog as a result of seeing it mentioned on TV3 this morning. Very nice it is too!!

I'd never heard of the self sufficiency show, but a bit gutted that we've missed it.

Your courses sound fantastic. I could sign up for pretty much all of them.

Keep up the good work. I finally have an Irish GYO blog to add to my favorites.

And congratulations on getting laid off. From what i've read so far, it seems your vocation is elsewhere.

At 10:24 p.m., Blogger Anna Bee said...

Mrs Walton -

Thanks for the kind words! The self sufficiency show was the first on to be held here - hopefully you will see advance warning of any future ones locally on this blog


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