Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Broad Beans and Peas

I planted two types of Broad Bean (the sutton, and aquadulce claudia), and some peas (Kelvedon wonder) on New Years eve. They germinated quickly - in a warm place - and then moved them to the shelf at the patio window. Soon they started to develop a bit of a lean, so got put outside for the day to get more light.

Last Friday (Jan 23rd) I erected a Lidl mini greenhouse/cloche/cold frame, and put it over one of my raised beds. One batch of the braad beans went in, and then a severe frost set in. I wasn't expecting the beans to survive -they are frost hardy, but they were pretty tender. But survive they did, so the peas followed today.

We collected a branch suitable for turning into pea sticks while on a bike ride by the canal - the council had been pruning, so we took some ready to go alder.

Also in the cold frame are some chives in pots, and some divided artichokes - we are having a good few sunny days, so it's getting nice and steamy in there.

Spring is coming!!!

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