Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Beautiful Frosty Morning



It's a beautiful fresh frosty morning here - the leaves are well decorated. This is the coldest that it's been since we moved back here in 2006, and my laissez-faire attitute to the root veg may backfire on me. For the past 2 winters I have left the beets, turnips and daikon in the ground through the winter, harvesting them as needed.

But since we didn't have much frost, this was a fairly safe strategy. This year, my fennel has already taken some damage from the frost, we covered it with fleece on Monday, but I have more or less written it off. It's not really supposed to overwinter. I was hoping for a few more Beet and Daikon harvests, though - I'm hoping that only the surface is frozen, and that they will be ok. The leeks are looking a bit limp, and some of them are going to seed, so probably time to use them up too. If things thaw in the afternoon, I'll go out and harvest a few to assess the damage.

Lesson learned - get in some straw in the autumn for tucking in the root veg!

On the positive side, this frost will break down the bed I prepared at the weekend, and will do a good job of killing the pests, it's a necessary part of the cycle, and welcome as such.




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At 1:25 p.m., Blogger Polly Pierce said...

Hi Anna! It truly is a beautiful frosty morning, just looking at your lovely photo's was enough! They had to have been taken today...

Regarding your root vegetables; I've heard that they taste better for being frosted because it somehow changes the starch content in them!
I don't know how true this is, but hopefully all is not lost after all...

At 4:18 p.m., Blogger MadsMcKeever said...

Hi Anna, Your blog is fabulous and has just given me some ideas for dinner. I will send you some Brown Envelope Seeds catalogues during the week. Good luck with the gardening course. If you like I will put it up on my website. Madeline


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