Monday, November 16, 2009


Some of my leeks are going to seed - which makes them completely inedible. I ODed on leeks this year - though I don't think you can have too many. The Hannibal leeks are still growing well, but the Bleu de Solaise seem to be an autumn harvest variety,(though they were sold as a good overwintering variety), and a good many of them are producing seed heads.

I should remember to sow those ones early, and the Hannibal later, to get a good crop from autumn on. And stick with the Hannibal, or another variety for winter eating.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

November Harvest

Lovely afternoon, so had a bit of a go in the garden. Harvested the last of the Borlotti beans and the runner beans - not as bad a yield as last year, but not great either. The French beans at the front which went in in July were a fiasco, though - maybe one pod per plant.

Have taken out all of the corn - it's really not a great use of space - will leave it out next year. Kevin Harmon has beautiful corn for sale in the latter part of the summer - that will satisfy my yen for fresh corn.

Harvested the last of the ildi and millifleur cherry tomatoes - the upside down hanging tomatoes seem less susceptible to the frost.

Preparing beds for garlic - it seems like I need another bed :-)

Finally, cooked some of the beans and slowly braised some kale & beet leaves in garlic and olive oil - blended all with salt, pepper , a little creme fraiche for a yummy dip.

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