Monday, October 19, 2009

Making Natural Costmetics in Carlow.

Just back from a great weekend in Carlow. Headed down straight after school on Friday, so arrived before it was dark - that will be a luxury for the next few months. Staying with our friends Cathy and Martin (and Holly the dog - she doesn't have a blog, but she is the most popular with my kids), so lots to talk about in the Art and ecology area.

On Saturday, a friend of mine - Nicola Browne, who blogs at Clasheen, had organised for me to teach my Natural Cosmetics course at her studio.

Lots of interesting people attended - I should have taken some photos, but it was all a bit of a rush to get to Martin's opening at the Norman Gallery. Course participants went home happy with 4 or 5 bath bombs, various ointments and balms, a bath bag, and a handmade origami box to hold their goodies. That was the surprise hit - everyone that sees them falls in love with them - especially children, and they are a cinch to make. All were delighted that they had lots of ideas and techniques for making lovely hand made Christmas presents for all their friends.

Looking forward to teaching the same course here in Mullingar in Belvedere on Nov 24th (10:30am- 1:00pm) , and METNS Dec 5th (7:30pm-10:00pm)

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At 10:56 p.m., Blogger Clasheen said...

Thanks for the great day on Saturday Anna, we will all be smelling beautiful for the next few weeks!


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