Friday, April 03, 2009

School update

School is out for Easter break, and lots planted in the past while. Earlier this week, we finished the raspberry planting - we now have 26 autumn fruiting raspberries in.

Earlier we planted 6 blueberry bushes, and more than 12 strawberries. And 3 rhubarb plants. In the wildlife bed, we have several currant bushes, and a josterberry and 2 apple trees. (We also have some Jerusalem artichoke in there).

Today we planted ot some 4 week old peas - they were looking good - especially the ones which got the worm tea. Just in case there's frost or slug damage, I planed another pea beside them, and some onions around them.

We have 8 or 9 huge pots with spuds - they have gone home with the teachers and parents, and hopefully will return to the school in good shape.

There will be a feast - or multiple - at some point in the near future...

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