Sunday, February 03, 2013

January foodie penpal

This months Foodie Penpal exchange was a lovely start to the year. My package from Jenny at Silver Screen Suppers arrived last Monday, but I wasn't home during daylight hours till later in the week to photograph it. Which meant a lot of self restraint of my part!

As you can see a wonderful selection of goodies, very thoughtful and delicious.
The Cornish sea salt and peppers immediately went on an egg, post photos.

The 'olives' are chocolate covered almonds, very moreish.

I'm most intrigued by this umami paste, haven't decided where to use it yet, I suspect it will be a great addition to soups, the guys I live with are very fond of this taste.

I had some fun putting a package together for Sarah at  the wwfoodie, took advantage of the cold weather,many sent some Irish cheeses. Also some shamrock flavoured crisps from Keogh's. And some home made flapjacks. (Must take photos of my package next time!)

Already looking forward to my February pals!

More planting

Weather was very mild this weekend, so a few things achieved in the tunnel and outside. I had planted broad beans inside, these were a good dive, so I put them in one of the new tunnel beds. It will be interesting to see if slugs demolish them. Most are quite tall, so they may be safe enough, I put eggshells round the smaller ones. I also planted some more broad bean seeds in between them, in case of failure.

Seeds planted:
Indoors - Aubergine and chilli. Also sweet peas and broad beans.
I put some turnips and corn salad in the tunnel, it's pretty warm in there, and a lot brighter then the windowsill.

2 large pots with potatoes too, these were seed potatoes that started sprouting back in oct, they have been on a window sill since. They'll need fleece if it shows signs of freezing.

Great to have this much activity this early, taking some chances here too, but all in the name of learning....