Thursday, January 31, 2008

Winter harvest

Worth noting now what has worked well over the winter, so that I can be sure to more of the good stuff in for next winter.

The Cabbage, broccoli, that I planted in the no dig beds did fine, though only starting to produce anything now. The caterpillars and slugs ate a lot of the cabbage, but we learned in late December that wood ash was a good solution, ans we have lots of that, so trying that as slug deterrent for now.

The daikon did great, as always, but I didn't plant enough. The ones that went into the soil went in early, and got big, the ones in the tyre went in later, and didn't get so big. Next year, need to plant as many as possible.

Corn salad self seeded, and is in abundance. Additionally, I planted some in planters, and thats doing well too.

Ragged Jack Kale from seed savers is healthy and abundant - mostly in planters and tyres. Has some on a pizza recently - it's quite nice crisped up - taste good, though it smells like cabbage. Also good in tomato sauce and soup, especialy if disguised...

Celeriac was very successful, but not popular in the kitchen. Won't be growing that again. Pak choi didn't grow great - wonder will I ever get the hang of it.