Sunday, March 18, 2007

Where's the spring?

St. Patricks weekend, and we were looking forward to lots of time in the garden. Last weekend we erected the Lidl greenhouse, and I was starting to populate it with some of the seedlings that I had started outside. I was also starting some seeds in it too.

Well it wasn't to be. St. Patrick's day itself was very cold, though it was dry enough in the morning for us to reorganize our compost bins, and to fill another tyre with topsoil.

Last night the winds started up, and during a 3:00am session with the younger son, we noticed that the greenhouse was no longer upright. This morning (mother's day!) I was out at 7:30 am rescuing my courgette seedlings from the wreck of the greenhouse. Everything that had been planted in the previous week was emotied out on the ground. And today the weather has continued to worsen. Now the snow is starting to stick, and there's an inch or 2 on the road. I was hoping to get some potatoes planted tomorrow - don't think it's going to happen.

Maybe I'm trying to get started too early here in the midlands......